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"Science Fiction" means—to us—everything found in the science fiction section of a bookstore, or at a science fiction convention, or amongst the winners of the Hugo awards given by the World Science Fiction Society. This includes the genres of science fiction (or sci-fi), fantasy, slipstream, alternative history, and even stories with lighter speculative elements. We hope you enjoy the broad range that SF has to offer.

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Don Redwood lives in Glasgow, Scotland where he spices up and snips his soul to serve to all and sundry. This is his second story with Daily Science Fiction. Delve into a further offering by buying Flotation Device, a charity anthology from the Glasgow SF Writer's Circle. All proceeds go to charities supporting those affected by Covid-19. Find out more at http://flotationdevicebook.co.uk.

We do not accept submissions of so called "cloned" soulsnips. Soulsnips cannot be cloned. The service you have bought has simply split the quality of the lived experience in two. You might not be able to tell the difference. We can. So don't waste your and our time.
Dream Feast is seeking speculative soulsnips between one month and one year in length. We tend towards the fantastical, but science fiction and horror are also acceptable. Our delvers prefer the immersion of an uncut soulsnip, but we will consider a well-orchestrated series of shorter snips if the overarching story is good enough. We do not publish kaleidoscopic montages of flash length snips. That's not to say we don't enjoy such "soul-poetry"--we just don't publish it.
Our delvers pay a premium price for our soulsnips, and in return, expect a premium product. They demand proper stories, complete with attention grabbing beginnings, well-paced middles, and satisfying ends. Your soul must remain largely focused on the substance of the story for the duration of the snip, with distractions kept to a bare minimum (eating, sleeping, toileting and basic hygiene are clearly essential--unless the story demands otherwise!)
Perhaps most challengingly, we are looking for absolute suspension of disbelief. Your lived experience must run flawlessly from start to finish, without so much as a trace of self-awareness of the plot you have set up for yourself. This is what sets us apart from semi-pro markets, where protagonists suppress, or at best, snip out, the memories of creating the plot before they live it. In contrast, the protagonists of our soulsnips will have forensically trimmed all awareness that soulsnipping even exists, before embarking on their story. The best even create backstory soulsnips with the same levels of care and attention as the story soulsnip itself, to transplant into their own childhood memories and foreshadow the fantastical inciting incident. Do whatever it takes, so when our delvers see that portal shining at the bottom of the well, they can feel real, utter belief in the bottom of your heart.
Of course, then, it should go unsaid that we do not accept second generation experiences--even of your own. There are markets for that--this is not one. It doesn't matter how invested you were in the soulsnip you delved into--it will never compare to the raw reality of directly lived experience.
Drug use is acceptable when the story permits, and by all means use the effects of the drugs to enhance your perception of the fantastical (and the horrible!)--but we are not looking for primarily drug driven experiences which, while interesting, lack the clear narrative arc we are looking for.
We are particularly interested in works created by marginalized and inter-sectional creators. This includes BAME, QUILTBAG+, female, disabled, transhumans, posthumans, homeless, domeless, subterrainials, and floaters. If such an aspect of your identity is not apparent from the soulsnip you submit to us, please do mention it in a cover letter.
We appreciate how much work goes into a good soulsnip, as well as the inherent risks of psychological and identity crises that soulsnippers face. That's why we reward our creators with the highest rates in the market--currently $42/day. In return, we gain exclusive rights to the submitted portion of your life for ten years. We will watermark the experience, and by snipping every fifth frame from key scenes we will create a short, low quality, promotional trailer. This trailer is intended as a preview for our clients, but it is usually sufficient to "fill in" the gaps of your remaining soul, and so you will be offered the opportunity of delving into this trailer before we upload it to our library. After ten years, you will be granted one free delve into the soulsnip, and thereafter be granted exclusive rights to your relived experience, to sell on to second generation markets.
We do not offer payment for any actors you have employed in the creating your snip. By submitting to us, you are certifying that you already own the entirety of the intellectual property contained within your submission.
Unfortunately, due to the small number of delvers we are able to serve, we can only afford to publish one decade of soulsnips a year. This may seem a lot, but it really only allows us to publish a small percentage of the submissions we receive.
We endeavor to respond to all submissions within three years. If you have not heard back in five, please feel free to enquire. We appreciate this is a long time to wait, particularly with a whole chunk of your soul missing, but our only other option is to close to submissions, which is obviously not ideal either.
Remember: the editor's decision is final. We know that times are tough, and soul snipping is the only means of climbing the social ladder these days. It genuinely hurts us to turn down your too often brilliant hard work. Unfortunately, to keep that ladder propped up against the top, it's a necessary part of our job.
Good luck. We look forward to living your experience!
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Author Comments

I wrote this story to explore the complicated dynamic that exists between creators, publishers, and consumers. The soulsnip element emphasizes how much of a creator's life can be put into their work before they can even be considered for reimbursement. We need more diversity in our arts, but it's difficult to see how this can be achieved without burdening a lot of marginalized people with a lot of unpaid work.

- Don Redwood
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