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What is Science Fiction?
"Science Fiction" means—to us—everything found in the science fiction section of a bookstore, or at a science fiction convention, or amongst the winners of the Hugo awards given by the World Science Fiction Society. This includes the genres of science fiction (or sci-fi), fantasy, slipstream, alternative history, and even stories with lighter speculative elements. We hope you enjoy the broad range that SF has to offer.

Recent Stories

by Molly Quell
"Ugh, my sim can be such an idiot sometimes. Like, you don't even know." LeAnne tossed her hair over her shoulder as she spoke, momentarily breaking her focus on Mia's face. LeAnne tilted her head to assess the eye shadow she was applying. "What does he even know, anyway?" Mia asked.
Published on Jul 17, 2018
by Matthew Castleman
We reach town limits. Through a purpled, misshapen stand of elm, a sign pokes up, crinkled and black at the edges: Thompson's Creek. Pop 3,000. It's gone now.
Published on Jul 16, 2018
by Paul G Di Filippo
Copiously shedding data in the form of novel proteins in his sweat, Chester Inkley entered the public atrium of Megablast Microbiomics in a panic. The first person to see him, an attractive young receptionist named SueEllen Glanders, remained remarkably self-composed at his alarming, wild-eyed appearance. Her professional sangfroid could be attributed to the fact that Inkley was the fourth person exhibiting these symptoms to arrive at Megablast Microbiomics in the past few hours. In truth, she had been highly flustered when the first irrational victim showed up. But a large slug of strictly medicinal whiskey administered by the company's nurse, along with an immediate cash bonus and a commendation in her file from the president of MM himself, had allowed her to continue in her critical front-line duties while experts behind the scenes struggled to unravel what was happening. "May I ask the nature of your business, sir?" said SueEllen calmly, even as she was triggering the silent alarm that would bring security personnel running.
Published on Jul 13, 2018
by Forrest Brazeal
MONDAY "Tell me your secret," I said.
Published on Jul 12, 2018
by Maggie Maxwell
Dearest KR19385, The human Asha says I should start with Dearest. I do not understand the word. She says it means that I think you are "the closest to my motherboard" and I think that it is true, so I have done it. Dearest KR. Dearest dearest dearest. It is satisfactory.
Published on Jul 11, 2018
by Rachael K. Jones
A week after my husband leaves me, I go out for midnight burritos with the demon who's going to devour me. I haven't even bothered to take off my stage makeup, but Zozrozir has my back. With Zoz around, nobody notices my black eyeliner or purple Mohawk or the jacket made out of tiny leather f-bombs all stitched together. "How do you do that, anyway?" I ask Zozrozir, who is small but inexplicably terrifying, like a cockroach crossed with a closed-casket funeral.
Published on Jul 10, 2018
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