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What is Science Fiction?
"Science Fiction" means—to us—everything found in the science fiction section of a bookstore, or at a science fiction convention, or amongst the winners of the Hugo awards given by the World Science Fiction Society. This includes the genres of science fiction (or sci-fi), fantasy, slipstream, alternative history, and even stories with lighter speculative elements. We hope you enjoy the broad range that SF has to offer.

Recent Stories

by Erica L. Satifka
The telltale heat signature lights up Foster's screen like a Roman candle. "That one," she says, pointing at the blocky warehouse. Two interns peel off and barrel down the hill to where the second vehicle is parked behind a stand of trees. A few minutes later, Foster hears a muffled gunshot. The orange splotch on the screen slowly fades.
Published on Oct 17, 2017
by Sarina Dorie
No One Puts Baby in the Corner "I don't want a time out!" Josie screeched.
Published on Oct 16, 2017
by H. L. Fullerton
SHARE THE FUNNEST ITEM OF CLOTHING YOU'VE WORN. At the party someone, I forget who--we were all wasted by then--asked, What's the funniest item of clothing you've ever worn? It wasn't quite the non sequitur it sounded. Gertie had decorated her place with those cheesy conversation starter napkins. You know what I'm talking about--the ones with screwball questions or ubiquitous dares scrawled across them, the kind that don't actually pick up a spilled cocktail, but dissolve into doughy clumps that leave colored smudges on your hands and clothes. Those.
Published on Oct 13, 2017
by Justin Cole
The marquis read "ONE NIGHT ONLY" in fixed lettering. There was no need to put that on the variable signage and waste space. Everything here was a single performance. No artist ever came back to this venue; that was part of how the venue was so successful. If your favorite artist was playing here you had to see them for that show because you would get no other chance. Ever.
Published on Oct 12, 2017
by Mark Darby
"One Fish," came the whisper "Two Fish," I replied
Published on Oct 11, 2017
by Floris M. Kleijne
The raiding party piled out of the tunnel in a cacophony of heavy breathing, weaponry, and increasingly exasperated hushing noises. I dragged myself from my slumber atop the highest mound in my hoard to sniff out their scent. Dwarves. Who else.
Published on Oct 10, 2017
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