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What is Science Fiction?
"Science Fiction" means—to us—everything found in the science fiction section of a bookstore, or at a science fiction convention, or amongst the winners of the Hugo awards given by the World Science Fiction Society. This includes the genres of science fiction (or sci-fi), fantasy, slipstream, alternative history, and even stories with lighter speculative elements. We hope you enjoy the broad range that SF has to offer.

Recent Stories

by Sean Vivier
We called them the Decennarchy, since they were a government that appeared every ten years, and because our librarian liked languages. Sure enough, ten years to the day since the last sighting, their domed temple came into being on the town green. How to describe the Decennarchs? They are like us, but they are not. They are speeding wisps in suits. They are frail and intimidating at once. For their day on Earth, they hurry from one end of town to the other. And they pronounce their laws.
Published on Dec 18, 2017
by Saniya Heeba
Three things happened when Arztak Jr. announced that he would be joining the University of Primitive Sciences in the fall. The mug his mother was holding slipped through her fingers and broke into two even pieces upon hitting the floor. The dinner set on the table bounced once, and then again, as his father's clenched fists pounded the table twice in quick succession. There was a slow rumble of thunder and it started to rain. Only the last of the three things caught the family's attention. "Even the Gods disapprove of your decision," his father, Arztak Sr. said through clenched teeth.
Published on Dec 15, 2017
by Samantha Murray
Every day when I wake up, something has changed. I can never really relax until I find out what it is each time. I wake, and blink, and feel the familiar tightness behind my breastbone. Sometimes I find it early. We now have a pool, or our cat Victoria has become a curly-haired labradoodle named Wallis. The landscape painting in greys and browns I always loved has become a slightly awkward looking nude; I don't appear to need glasses anymore; our bed is now a futon; I am now left-handed.
Published on Dec 14, 2017
by Pmmg
Strange the night was. Strange that he should be awoken. Strange that anything at all should come so near. Capt. Tiberious stood on the bridge and looked out. There was nothing. Why have we slowed? he wondered, Why wake me? Still he peered into the empty starlit void. Just one moving thing out of place could spell their doom, but he saw none. The console flashed, "Incoming Object," there must be something. The colony ship, "Promise," mankind's last hope. Leaving behind a dead planet, all of humanity had put their hope into this last voyage to a distant star. A lone planet that was so much like their home had once been that it could be used to start over. A brand new world. A world before the depletion and unfettered storms of radiation. A world now so unlike Earth.
Published on Dec 13, 2017
by Zachary Morgan Brett
Gaius Scatulus stood with the rest of his legion. The Roman soldiers waited calmly for the enemy to make himself known. This man, Pyrrhus, had come to take their homes, their freedoms, the very city of Rome from them. He had come to make himself their king. Gaius was not a senator, nor were the men around him. They were not knights, and theirs was not the noble blood of the patricians. They were common men. In any other army these men would have been little more than blunt instruments to be sent charging into the spears of the enemy. In the Roman army they were something more. Common men they may be, but they were free in common with all the senators, knights, and patricians. Every man there had shed blood for the Republic, or had ancestors who had done the same.
Published on Dec 12, 2017
by C B Droege
"I know that this whole project is very uncomfortable for you, William," Haalax said, "but I would like you to know that I have enjoyed working with you these past few years." "Is that right?" Will asked without turning from his work. They were at a critical stage in the reaction of the current formula.
Published on Dec 11, 2017
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