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art by Alan Bao


Annie Bellet is a voracious reader, an accomplished horse-back rider, and an incurable nerd. Her fiction has appeared in magazines such as AlienSkin, Daily Science Fiction (twice), and Contrary. She lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. Find out more about her at www.anniebellet.com.

To Do:
Gym--weights/upper + cardio dance (6pm)
Call Sam--see about borrowing dog?
Catch up on dvr American Idol
To buy:
Mace (?)
Flashlight (keychain one? bright)
Loud whistle
Eggs (not brown, AAA qual)
Lip gloss (NOT the cherry kind)
To Do:
Go hardware store?
Call Alice about Sat plans
Call back Detective Henderson
To get:
Bear mace (?)
Dog food
Garlic (40 cloves? check recipe)
Lamb leg (enough to feed 5)
Mint jelly
Wine? Red? (call mom and ask about wine w/lamb)
Breath mints or afterdinner mints (those soft ones in pastel colors?)
To Do:
Call Det. Henderson again
Call Sam (offer to pay vet bills)
Drop by new age bookstore, ask about vam-- problem stuff
Leave message for Dr. Stacey, see about new meds
To get:
A LOT more garlic
Crosses (silver too?) (Christian Supply store in mall?)
French bread
To Do:
Call in to work--explain (send doctor note in w/Alice tomorrow?)
Go to pharmacy, get scripts filled
Call Det. Almora and refer her to Det. Henderson
Call hospital--tell can release records to Det. Henderson or Almora
Call mom--get recipe to that pudding she makes when we're sick
To get:
Whole milk
Arnica (for bruises? Sam swears by this stuff)
To Do:
Put up blankets over windows
Call Dr office--ask about med side-effects
Return Alice's calls (ask her to come over?)
Eat something (find what doesn't taste like dust?)
Count the rice. All the rice.
The End
This story was first published on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Author Comments

The counting rice part comes from Chinese myths about vampires [Editor's Addendum:..."a vampire comes across a sack of rice it will have to count all of the grains"--http://vampires.monstrous.com/counting.htm]. This story is dedicated to Kij Johnson.

- Annie Bellet
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