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Sweet Kiss Apocalypse

Jen Rewell lives in Western Australia, where lots of ideas wash up on white sandy beaches and come humming out of the blue skies. She writes for a living, and for fun.

I remember when they first appeared, they were horribly mistreated. Zombies had a bad reputation before they even existed, and it took a while for people to come to grips with the difference between the myth and the reality.
See, too many people thought there'd be this fierce battle against the undead. That's why they got wiped out so quickly when they first started being Reborn--there was just this expectation of violence. But enough of them survived--is that even the right word? I'm still getting the hang of the PC lingo--so when the second wave started, more people stood up for what was right.
It took some strong leadership from the new Government for things to change. There was a lot of relearning to do, in every part of society.
Of course, now Zombies are just part of life. Pretty much everybody has one, even if they just keep it in a closet for when it's needed.
Some people give them a fancy room in the house, or keep a whole bunch in the basement, but I can't see the need for that. And there are always those that'll try and make a buck out of it somehow. But the Zombies don't care for any of that shit. That kind of nonsense will die off. Sorry, there I go again.
All a Zombie wants is to show you sweet love, with soft cuddles to put you to sleep and gentle kisses to wake you. They're the gentlest creatures on this whole damn planet. Great with kids and babies, and the best thing for anyone who's sad or lonesome.
Sure, they can be persistent buggers--that's what made so much trouble in the beginning, all that scratching on windows to be let in--but once they've got someone to love, they're all about tender caresses. No judgment, nothing nasty or sexual--just good old fashioned affection. They're sweethearts, that's what they are.
It's just my personal theory, but I reckon that if people my age had had Zombies around when they were growing up, things would never have gotten so bad and turned out the way that they did.
The End
This story was first published on Monday, October 30th, 2017

Author Comments

I was woken by my dog--the image of his hairy muzzle and bright "Good morning!" eyes stayed with me throughout the day and led to this story.

In my country at the moment, there is a lot of political discussion about acceptance and equality, which gave the story a voice.

- Jen Rewell
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