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Search History for Elspeth Adair, Age 11

Aimee Picchi's short SFF fiction has been published in Daily Science Fiction, Flash Fiction Online, Intergalactic Medicine Show, and Fireside Magazine, among other publications. She's a graduate of Viable Paradise and a former classical musician. She lives in Burlington, Vermont with her family. You can find her at @aimeepicchi.

what is a sorcerer
can girls become sorcerers
why can't girls go to the College of Sorcery
what does the College of Sorcery mean on its FAQ page by "women are biologically unsuited for sorcery due to higher levels of neuroses and anxiety than men"
how do i tell if i have a neuroses
neuroses or neurosis
is summoning the ghosts of famous people with my Ouija board and asking them for life advice a kind of neurosis
should i believe a ghost if they told me i should be a sorcerer
is summoning ghosts a sign of magical talent
do ghosts lie
can a Ouija board tell if a summoner is a girl or a boy
are there any women who have become sorcerers even though they are not supposed to
why was she called Catherine the Unlikeable
what does it mean to be a "difficult" woman
was Catherine the Unlikeable "argumentative and strident"
what does "never back down" mean
if Catherine died in a duel, why isn't she a hero
tips for summoning Catherine the Unlikeable
her ghost says she was ambushed in a dark alley
was her killer ever caught
wiki Grand Sorcerer Chip McWilliams III
best way to bring someone to justice
best way to bring a sorcerer to justice
learning the "truth or consequences" spell
"grimoire of veracity" location
dictionary: veracity
how can girls check out books from the College of Sorcery
breaking into a library
is a book return slot big enough to fit a 90-pound, 11-year-old girl
how far is the library from the Grand Sorcerer's campus mansion
where does Grand Sorcerer Chip McWilliams store his wand when he goes to sleep
how can i use a sorcerer's wand against him
if someone confesses to murder, will they be arrested
who is in line to become the next grand sorcerer
wiki Arch-Sorcerer Belvin Strombini
YouTube interview Belvin Strombini
dictionary: inclusionary
google maps: fastest route, my location to the College of Sorcery if I leave at midnight
The End
This story was first published on Monday, July 8th, 2019

Author Comments

"Search History" came about from the intersection of a Codex flash fiction writing contest and a discussion with a friend about how some women candidates are labeled "unlikeable," designations that male rivals typically aren't given. The writing prompt was to describe a person or thing that's different from the rest, which inspired would-be sorcerer Elspeth Adair's late-night search and determination to set things right.

- Aimee Picchi
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