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Second Chances

Diane is a short story writer, diving into the bottomless pits of ourselves, and exposing the darkness we harbor inside. Visit her at Deechattaway.

Hunched over her cane, hidden behind people, she stared ahead at the girl, happily jotting her name down in books.
Plagued by memories of failed attempts, and drunken stupor, she stepped forward in line, pushing the book she'd burned six years after publishing it, over.
"What would you like it to say?"
"To Lizzy, never give up."
Liz scratched the page with her pen, then glanced up.
A time touched mirrored version of herself stared back, eyes silently pleading.
Stunned to silence, she watched as her aging hands retrieved the book she offered back.
"Please," she whispered to her younger self, before turning away. "Don't ever give up."
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, January 14th, 2021
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