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Maggie Secara is a technical writer of eclectic tendencies, which only makes sense, living in Los Angeles. For example, her Harper Errant novels manage to combine contemporary, historical, and mythic fantasy with music and humor. Beyond that, you can find Maggie's stories in New Realm and (scheduled) Unsung Stories, and Maggie herself at her website and always Under the Tiara. .

Night air rushed through hard-fingered trees. Branches tap-tap-tapped at Jenny's window almost as Jack used to, before the war.
Melancholy, she raised the sash as she had back then, half expecting him to clamber over the sill, laughing, defying her sisters.
Instead, the breeze swept in, rippling the curtains until she recognized his shape in them, as if he were there, alive. A teasing corner reached out, flicked her lips, her hair.
"Jenny." His voice caressed her ear. And there he stood, limned in cold moonlight. "I've found you."
Then the wind dropped, and the curtain, and her tears.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Author Comments

Tales of the supernatural, both real and imagined, fascinate me. So do drabbles. A drabble well done is so tight, so compact it's almost a poem, and this one with its wisp of melancholy and just a hint of M.R. James, made me cry..

- Maggie Secara
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