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Careers for Magical Creatures: Memo to a Former Fairy Godmother

Sarina Dorie is the author of award-winning, YA paranormal romance novel, Silent Moon. Her Puritan and alien love story, Dawn of the Morning Star, is due to come this year with Wolfsinger Publications. She has sold over 80 short stories to markets like Daily Science Fiction, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Orson Scott Card's IGMS, Cosmos, and Sword and Laser. By day, Sarina is a public school art teacher, artist, belly dance performer and instructor, copy editor, fashion designer, event organizer, and probably a few other things. By night, she writes. As you might imagine, this leaves little time for sleep. You can find info about her short stories and novels on her website: sarinadorie.com.

Attention Fairy Godmother 23769:
It has come to the attention of the Division of Fairy Godmothers that you have been spending an inappropriate amount of time with clients on quests, at balls and at other times not recorded in the Fairy Godmother Log. Upon further investigation, we found a disproportionate amount of time spent with one client in particular, Prince Charming.
Members of the Charming household were interviewed and it was reported that Prince Charming has been having a furtive affair with an "unidentified damsel" with wings. She has been spotted with him in a carriage and in a wardrobe, and exchanging secret notes with him by Harpy Express Mail.
According to our memo to new employees, which was placed on your desk when you first joined DFG (A Godmother's Guide to Conduct with Clients), spending personal time with clients is forbidden. Each of these offenses could potentially be considered small infractions. When added up, they attest to a morbid infatuation with a human client and unprofessional behavior. Your claim to be providing tooth fairy services by checking for cavities could be a potential explanation for one such encounter with Prince Charming. However, the recording from the magic mirror, which shows naked trysts in the chocolate fountain after hours with Prince Charming, are not in your favor. Rather than take away your magic, wings, and immortality for this infraction, the Division of Fairy Godmothers has requested the Fairy Council to be merciful. Since you are so fond of checking for cavities, you are demoted to T.F.S., or Tooth Fairy Services.
--Submitted by the Committee Against Fairy Fraternization
The End
This story was first published on Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Author Comments

As I was writing Careers for Magical Creatures, I really struggled with the overall arc of the story. I changed the order of stories several times, trying to figure out what the path was for this character. Members of my writing critique group, Wordos, numbered the sequence they thought it should flow in. I had an elaborate system of post-it notes I kept arranging and rearranging to tell the story of a fairy who started off searching for a job and all the steps she took in getting it. Though it was my hope this piece as well as the rest would stand alone, this flash fiction story is the sixth in the series and we are getting to see this fairy's struggle.

Other stories from this world can be found on Daily Science Fiction at: Dear Jezzy or Careers for Magical Creatures. Several "Dear Jezzy" stories have been performed for live audiences as part of No Shame Eugene, a live variety show which features 5 minute acts. To watch videos of "Dear Jezzy" stories, visit: sarinadorie.com/writing/news.

- Sarina Dorie
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