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My Favorite Part of Treaty Day

This year I'm playing Aleysha in the Treaty Day play. She's the President's daughter. It's the best part I ever got and it's all because I got an "A" on my Ancient Earth diorama project.
Gansa didn't talk to me all recess. She's just jealous because I get to be Aleysha this year and she's gotten to be Aleysha for the last two years. It's only fair someone else gets a turn. I guess she's especially mad since she has to be Brouwer, which is a boy's part, but there aren't enough boys in our class this year. Her costume is a "body armor" and "automatic weapon." I get to wear a red "dress."
Here is what happened today. We went on a school trip to the First Landing Site. It was just a big field with some signs and other stuff. Mrs. Mrga said we should pay special attention because of how important First Landing is to our History. The first ship didn't even have anyone on it, just junk and garbage, but all the people on Ancient Earth thought it was really important.
After the tour, I wanted to run around with everyone else on the field, but Mrs. Mrga said, "On Ancient Earth, they only had primitive technology like Galga made in her diorama, which was very good and the rest of the class should do as careful work as her," meaning me. So then I felt bad playing and had to pretend to be interested in all the signs, even the most boring ones.
Gansa whispered I was a Teacher's Pet, but I would rather be a Teacher's Pet than have to dress up like a big ugly man like her.
Tomorrow is the play! Gansa had to talk to me today because it was our last practice, and she has two lines that she has to say to me.
"Stay inside where it's safe," she says. Then, when I go out onto the balcony of the White House, she says, "Aleysha, no!" and that's when I get to die.
For lunch mom packed me a salad. It was gross.
I was the best Aleysha of all the grades in the school! That's what Mrs. Mrga said, and I know she's my teacher and has to say it, but I think it's true. When they shot me with the chemray (it's fake of course), I screamed so loud and high that some of the audience covered their ears.
The hardest part was after I died, I had to lie still and pretend to be dead while the President and Emperor G'lthran did the Treaty. It goes on a long time. All the kids who play humans get drawn on with markers so it looks like they have slave tattoos. Well, all the kids who play humans except me, because I'm dead.
The most fun part is at the very end, when the Emperor pretends to eat the President, and then we all get cake for real. That's my favorite part of Treaty Day.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Author Comments

What if aliens invaded Earth and enslaved the human race? One answer is that life would go on, much as it always has, at least from the perspective of the youngest slave lords.

- Andrea Bradley
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