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Earth's Lament

In addition to writing speculative fiction, Avery Elizabeth Hurt writes science books for children and science journalism for adults and children. The research she does for her nonfiction writing often sparks ideas for her fiction.

"Yes, they are getting out of hand and will likely do themselves in sooner rather than later--and take not a few others with them then they go," Earth sighed and looked around.
"And you, Dear?" Jupiter asked. "Will you be okay?" Always solicitous, he refilled her glass without being asked.
"Oh yes. I'm always fine. These infestations come and go. Anaerobic bacteria, invertebrates, dinosaurs. Actually, the change is refreshing. But these humans have been charming in their way, and certainly entertaining. They have become convinced that their desperate efforts to save themselves are actually attempts to save me. As if I can survive only in the conditions they need to survive. They've transferred their own terror of annihilation into a touching concern for me. It's really rather sweet."
"Sounds more than a little self-involved, if you ask me," Jupiter said.
Earth picked up her glass and took a delicate sip. "Well, yes, that is rather the problem, isn't it? I must admit, though, I'll hate to see them go."
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Author Comments

This story came to me when I was writing a book about the science of climate change. I kept noticing that people were saying we needed to save the Earth. But Earth isn't in any danger. What's in danger is the web of life humans depend on for survival. When we're gone, Earth will be just fine, if a great deal different. I wondered if Earth would miss us.

- Avery Elizabeth Hurt
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