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When He Saw Her

A boy of 17, who hadn't had a boyfriend yet, moved through life with eager youth. His friends always thought he didn't get any guys because of his awkwardness, but he didn't care for relationship drama. The world was his, and he wasn't going to let a boy hold him back. Then she walked into his life.
When he saw her everything changed; he was drawn to her, captured by her black hair, dark eyes, and stunning smile. He knew it was wrong, a girl can't like a boy, it'd never happen. Even so, he found himself unable to stop watching her.
It began with "Hello," and evolved into many conversations. Through words, they fell for each other. Their fate was sealed when their hands touched, and their destiny changed when their lips touched.
Girls aren't supposed to like boys.
Rumors spread like wildfire, and hate followed suit. They found out that "love one another" doesn't apply to them. Notes on lockers became bricks through windows. He was kicked out of Church, and she was shunned by friends. Beatings became a part of their routine.
He had to move.
His parents moved to a state with people who didn't know what their son was.
She was left behind, but she had his phone number. Whenever she got away from the name-calling and the abuse, she talked to him. The highlight of both their days. She looked forward to the day she turned 18, and when that day finally came, she left this town without a second thought. Walking, driving, or otherwise, she would get to her one love.
When she saw him, all was right with the world.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, September 28th, 2017
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