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Democratic Weather

Sean Vivier is a former Spanish teacher and a current web developer. He lives in a dysfunctional artists' co-op in central Connecticut. His previous work can be found in the virtual pages of Daily Science Fiction and the actual pages of Analog.

Report: Waves of drought and flood threaten harvest, may cause nationwide famine.
Wow. Who could have possibly seen that coming? (/sarcasm)
Posted two minutes ago.
Lost a friend today because he found out I was Temperate Party.
Posted seven hours ago. .
Political cartoon in the Times shows men in business suits sunbathing on the beach while it pours. One tells the other, "Perfect weather we're having, don't you think?"
Nobody gets it. Political cartoonists are idiots.
Posted yesterday.
Figured out the problem, I think. I'm talking Ideas. Everyone else is talking Personalities. We're speaking two different languages.
Posted three days ago.
I honestly don't understand why this is controversial. The plants we need to eat in order to survive need fertile soil, water, and sunlight. Fertile soil isn't really affected by our vote. But water and sun are. We need both.
Posted July 24.
Second date. Talked politics. Decided she can't be with somebody who wants to live in a darkened world.
Posted July 20.
Read yet another book where the way you can tell a character is the villain is because he's a Stormy. Yawn.
Posted July 11.
I voted for rain today. The heat's stayed too long, the ground is too dry. But everybody wanted beach weather. So I'm driving to work today, hardly able to breathe while my car bakes even with the AC.
Posted June 30.
Flooding in Texas. Governor blames the previous Solar Party administration.
Posted June 25.
Anarchists are protesting outside my window, saying governments shouldn't have weather control. Yes, there are puppets.
Pics below the fold.
Posted June 19.
NYC Mayor characterizes Sunnies as "juvenile fools suffering the infantile and narcissistic delusion that the sun can always shine, that their whims are so important that nothing--not even life-giving water, can stand in their precious way."
Posted June 18.
In Ohio, bastion of the Solar Party, crops are withering in the vine.
Pics here.
Posted June 15.
A Sunny blog argues that rainfall hits the poor and homeless the hardest, and this makes Stormies evil.
Link here.
Posted June 1.
It's a simple argument. First we let it rain, so plants have water to grow. Then we let the sun shine for a while so the plants can photosynthesize. We have to alternate them and keep them both in balance or we'll starve to death. Science and history agree.
It's not that hard, people.
Posted May 1.
It's hard being a third-party centrist, let me tell you. Neither the Solar Party nor the Cumulonimbus Party wants to hear anything but absolutes. Tell a Sunny that you're a member of the Temperate Party, they'll tell you that you only want to drown the world. Tell a Stormy you're a Temperate, and they'll accuse you of turning the world into a desert. Anyone who's not a Sunny is a Stormy. Anyone who's not a Stormy is a Sunny.
Still, I've started this blog in an attempt to explain the Temperate political philosophy as best I can, in the hopes at least a few people will take the time to read and consider. Also, when I write, nobody can interrupt me. ;-)
What can I say? I don't like to give up.
Posted May 1.
The End
This story was first published on Monday, June 1st, 2015
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