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art by Junior McLean

Vacuum Decay

Ramon Rozas III lives in West Virginia, where he creates artifacts of unspeakable beauty. He also writes speculative fiction and submits that instead. His first novel, "A Judgment of Their Own," is being released August 2011 by Blue Leaf Publications; read about it and Ramon's writing at ramonrozasiii.blogspot.com.
"This invention will allow the extraction of limitless energy from the vacuum of 'empty' space, and thus be a bonanza for our world," the scientist said.
A reporter waved its tentacle. "But isn't there a worry that destabilizing the local vacuum could cause what opponents call vacuum decay?"
"Nonsense!" the scientist intoned. "Now observe," it said, pulling the lever with its dominant tentacle--
Fourteen billion, one hundred and fifteen years passed.
"--and any such concerns are the rantings of fools who don't understand the energies involved. Observe!" The scientist pulled the lever with its grasping claw--
Thirteen billion, sixteen million and five years passed.
"--claims that a new 'Big Bang' could come from vacuum decay, creating a whole new universe to replace ours, is silly. Observe!" The scientist pulled the lever with its cilia--
Sixteen billion, five hundred thousand years, twenty three months and five days passed.
"--Fermi Filter nonsense! There's no way the whole universe is destroyed as soon as the first species discovers vacuum energy. Such neo-Luddite talk stands in the way of progress, young man!" Dr. Morrison lectured. "Now, for my demonstration!" The scientist pulled the lever with his right hand--
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, April 28th, 2011
We hope you're enjoying Vacuum Decay by Ramon Rozas.

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