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Don't Say the "M" Word

Sir said we mustn't say the "M" word, that the refugee kids can't help the way they look because their families were poisoned by a nuclear something-or-other and the poor things were born with those terrible defects.
Raska Fisherson said they smell funny and they're all too puny to last long, and even if they do, the weird way they talk will get the freaky freeloaders slung out of the Dome via the nearest airlock anyway. I don't know what that means, but Raska was sent to the naughty corner for it.
The Capital Dome News said only a few thousand of them survived, and that, "Public fears about food and medical supplies being overstretched are untrue, and rumors of protest riots are exaggerated."
The President said, "We must all stay calm and remember our ethical duty to help those in crisis." I didn't hear much of the next bit about segregation laws and detainment zones 'cuz that's when the scary Protester interrupted the broadcast.
The Protester said a lot of VERY bad words! Then, that the refugees may look like us, but they're not! They're not just escaping immigrants, they're actual real-life aliens! Divers have found their ship, sunk outside the Habitat Dome, but it's not a water ship, it's a spaceship, and the government is trying to cover it up!
I said if they are aliens, and their home is all poisoned, well our planet is plenty big enough to share! I don't care that they have two genders and no telepathy, and it shouldn't matter that they only have two arms--it's enough for their greeting. The new child showed me (she's a "girl"). It's called a hug, and I like it.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, January 21st, 2021
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