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Screw it, I'm Off Duty!

Dionne Obeso (DionneObeso.com) is a freelance editor, sometimes writer, and joyful fan of SF/F. She resides in the California Bay Area and her latest published microfiction can be found at SpeckLit.com. She has purple hair, a secret identity, and a strong position on the Oxford comma.

The mess hall rocked crazily as the Kraggle scum got off another lucky shot. Crewman Jase Landsdon slapped his hand over the dice to keep them from rolling off the table. "I bet fifteen hours of degreasing duty."
Crewman Rick Scalati eyed him back. "Rich bet."
"Not if we don't make it through this battle, it ain't." At Rick's nod, he tossed the dice. They settled on just the pips he needed an instant before another explosion sent the little cubes flying. "It was fours! You saw it!"
Scalati grinned. "Sorry, gotta stay on the table or it's no good."
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
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