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The Venue

This story is Justin T. Cole's first published work. He looks forward to sharing more stories with speculative fiction aficionados in the future.

The marquis read "ONE NIGHT ONLY" in fixed lettering. There was no need to put that on the variable signage and waste space. Everything here was a single performance. No artist ever came back to this venue; that was part of how the venue was so successful.
If your favorite artist was playing here you had to see them for that show run because you would get no other chance. Ever.
Every show was a sold-out show at the venue, too. Each and every ticket went for a premium and people came from around the world to see the shows that were performed there.
It was a spectacle. Each and every show was fantastic and pleased everyone in the crowd. There were no negative reviews in the history of the venue. Every single patron was pleased with the performance they attended.
I walked by the venue every day on my way to, and again on my way from, work. I saw who was coming as soon as the sign was updated. I marveled at the names on the sign on a regular basis.
I wished I had had the money to purchase a ticket for the three-night extravaganza with Mozart, Pachelbel, and Bach all being featured prominently but I simply could not afford it, so I listened from outside the building.
I have had occasion to want the concert in progress to stop as well. When that happens I take solace in knowing that the artists will be gone soon and their music with them.
Occasionally they do philosophical, political, and academic lectures, too. Those are not as popular, although they still always sell out. The presentation of the Gettysburg Address was a marvelous educational opportunity and it was followed by a discussion on the topic of slavery and the economics of national division and secession. I clearly remember seeing that lecture when I was in school. It was the best field trip we ever had.
This morning, though, was a completely new endeavor posted to their sign. Something daring that will be a spectacle worth seeing. Something unique.
The sign read:
Old Elvis Presley and Young Elvis Presley Take the Stage Together
This will be amazing.
My one question is whether the knowledge of what Elvis becomes when he gets old will alter how young Elvis lives his life when they are returned to their own time.
I'm guessing that they have that figured out. Either way, I must find a way to afford a ticket.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, October 12th, 2017
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