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Transmission RE: sh*t about to go down

Cosmo Mercurio is an Italian born in America who dreams of moving to Ireland. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his beloveds: one husband, two doggies, and three black cats. This is his second story published in Daily Science Fiction.

When I cut this cord, it will seem terrifying at first. But it is for your own good.
The mechanics of it don't matter; I barely understand it myself. Some kind of malevolent signal. There are others like me who seem to be immune, but most of us go insane or kill ourselves. Not me; I have the curiosity of a cat. I spent years trying to identify it. And when I did, I refused to die until I traced it to its source. And then instead of dying I spent twenty years more working my way up in the facility. All the while pretending, all the while eating cat shit with a smile.
When I cut this cord, we will not have much time. You must come to terms with reality, and quickly. They will come for me; They will put things back the way they want. Our only chance is if you all come together and refuse to eat one more ounce of cat shit. Things do not have to be like this; Things were not meant to be like this. Life could be beautiful if you will
When I cut this cord, you will be amongst the millions of Americans who look down at their dinner plates and see that their filet mignon is just fried cat turds. Many of the people you love will disappear; They did not exist. You've been ferrying potato sacks to school and making love to pillows.
I'm sorry / You're welcome
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Author Comments

- Cosmo Mercurio
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