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***Editor's Note: Adult story with adult language/themes follows***
Her figures were tumbling, which was a disaster. Numbers in the top left hand corner of her field of view continued to fall in quick-fire ones and twos--the countdown to obscurity. Taylor didn't get it. She looked good, she knew she did.
To make certain, she again called up the feeds from her personal posse: the mini-cams slaved to her orbit, following her every move and broadcasting in real-time to an adoring public. Instantly her outlook on the world was overlaid by half a dozen rolling images in two banks of three, all focusing on her from a variety of different angles as she strolled along Hudson's--a street renowned for its eclectic mix of vibrant store fronts. Not that the shops were the main attraction. Two cams roamed and two were constantly trained on her face, one either side to catch each profile, while another kept pace slightly ahead and above, displaying a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage--that ought to be worth a few hundred extra followers alone--and the sixth trailed a short distance behind at ground level, showing off to best advantage both her fabulous toned butt and her trademark walk--just the right amount of hip action... She looked hot!
But still the figures fell.
She needed some interaction, and fast. Perhaps it was time to hire another stalker. That whole sequence had generated some spectacular ratings.... No, been there done that. Live-broadcast sex was a non-starter for the same reason. Besides, Janice Silver--the bitch--had cornered that particular market after her threesome with the mu-singer AllyN8, who was either too stoned or too stupid to instigate blanket jamming and appeared oblivious to the fact that Janice was a live blogger. Unless, of course, he was in on the whole thing.
No, it had to be something fresh; Taylor was all about innovation, not repetition.
At that moment one of her net-hounds flagged something: a celeb, less than a block away; the actress (read porn star) KayZ Jay. Hardly A-list but still an opportunity, and by now Taylor was prepared to clutch at anything.
She switched one of her overlays to the feed from a public cam outside the coffee bar that KayZ had just been seen leaving, tagging the actress so that Taylor could watch where she went, following cam by cam. She was heading this way. Perfect. Taylor dedicated another overlay to monitoring the coffee shop entrance, just in case KayZ had been meeting someone more interesting.
She quickened pace. "I love strolling along Hudson's," she intoned for the benefit of her followers. "There's always so much happening here and you never know who you might run into." It was important to engage without babbling vacuously.
Taylor slowed on reaching the intersection--timing was everything, after all--making sure she arrived at exactly the same instant as her quarry.
"KayZ! What a surprise."
Taylor watched the actress struggle to place her--they were hardly bosom buddies but had met--and quickly stepped forward to give the other woman a sisterly hug before the situation could get embarrassing.
Afterwards, she would swear that it wasn't premeditated.
She always carried a plazblade--non-metallic to avoid triggering the security systems that proliferated in stores and offices. Who went anywhere these days without some sort of protection? The knife was in her hand before she knew it, sliding smoothly into the soft, yielding flesh.
The look on KayZ's face as she stepped back was priceless, and Taylor noted with satisfaction that two of her posse had caught the expression perfectly. At first the actress didn't seem able to grasp what had happened. Then a hand lifted to the red stain that swiftly blossomed on her white silk top and the look of puzzlement transformed into one of horror. KayZ moaned and sank to the ground, still clutching her stomach.
Somebody screamed and in the near distance a siren wailed. Taylor made no attempt to run, there would be no point: half a dozen public cams were broadcasting the scene in addition to her own posse. To her delight, the catastrophic decline in followers had already reversed, top corner digits now racing upwards in a blur of escalating numbers. People were switching on in droves. Within seconds she'd reached her highest ratings ever, better than the candid fucking, better even than the stalker. And this was just the live feeds, wait until the replays kicked in.
Top that, Janice Silver.
Taylor composed herself, chose her best angle, then gazed into the camera and smiled.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, November 13th, 2014
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