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Press Release
March 28th, 2011



Daily Science Fiction Announces Stories for April, 2011.

Earth — March, 28 2011 —The following stories are scheduled for email distribution in April. Each story will be posted at www.dailysciencefiction.com one week after its exclusive email distribution (Featured weekend stories are in bold, Alphabet Quartet stories are italicized):

April 1: "Snowfall" by Jason Stanford

April 4: "The Rules of the Regeneration Manual" by Andrew L. Findlay

April 5: "Wings for Icarus" by P. Djeli Clark

April 6: "N is for Nevermore Nevermore Land" by Tim Pratt, Jenn Reese, Heather Shaw, Greg van Eekhout

April 7: "Break" by Mishell Baker

April 8: "Outer Rims" by Toiya Kristen Finley

April 11: "The Pen is Mightier" by Mik Wilkens

April 12: "Shards" by Leah Thomas

April 13: "O is for Obfuscation" by Tim Pratt, Jenn Reese, Heather Shaw, Greg van Eekhout

April 14: "Selfless" by Kenneth S. Kao

April 15: "The Elevator" by Erik M. Igoe

April 18: "The School Counselor" by Mark Sarney

April 19: "Pippa's Smiles" by Cat Rambo

April 20: "P is for Parade" by Tim Pratt, Jenn Reese, Heather Shaw, Greg van Eekhout

April 21: "Writing on the Wall" by Vaughan Stanger

April 22: "The Ambiguity Clock" by Lavie Tidhar

April 25: "Necessities" by Nathaniel Matthews Lee

April 26: "This Life" by Lee Hallison

April 27: "Q is for Quit" by Tim Pratt, Jenn Reese, Heather Shaw, Greg van Eekhout

April 28: "Vacuum Decay" by Ramon Razos

April 29: "The Beauty Garden" by Damon Shaw

For more information: http://www.dailysciencefiction.com

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