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Press Release
April 1st, 2013



Daily Science Fiction Stories for April, 2013.

We are pleased to announce our line up of stories for April. They will appear on the web one week after their email publication.

The DSF Madness continues. The first round has almost completed as you can see here: http://Dailysciencefiction.com/documents/dsf-madness-bracket-2013.pdf .

Check the website at DailyScienceFiction.com for the daily polls and links to the day's stories. The winner and runner up will each win a custom illustration of their story by artist Seth Alan Bareiss.

April 1 "Past Tense" by James Beamon

April 2 "Parallel Lines" by Russell James

April 3 "Rocket Dragons" by Larry Kincheloe

April 4 "The Sandman's Dreams" by Jess Hyslop

April 5 "When the Trumpet Sounds" by Sean Melican

April 8 "Leaving Home" by Kurt Pankau

April 9 "Cleaning Lady" by J. Kyle Turner

April 10 "Snake Sister" by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]

April 11 "Daughter of Mettle" by Aaron DaMommio

April 12 "Heart of Joy" by Kate O'Connor

April 15 "Never Leave Me" by Michelle Ann King

April 16 "Legerdemain" by Gabriel Murray

April 17 "The Chosen One Can't Lose" by Sean Vivier

April 18 "What Merfolk Must Know" by Kat Otis

April 19 "Paradise Left" by Evan Dicken

April 22 "Snippets" by k.b. dalai

April 23 "Grief in the Strange Loop" by Rhonda Eikamp

April 24 "Swan Song" by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]

April 25 "The Lady Electric" by Gary B. Phillips

April 26 "Chasing Unicorns" by Terra LeMay

April 29 "Shades of the Father" by M. Adrian Sellers

April 30 "Four Perfect Days" by Douglas Rudoff

For more information: http://www.dailysciencefiction.com

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