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Press Release
August 1st, 2016



Daily Science Fiction Stories for August 2016.

We are pleased to announce our line up of stories for August. The dates show the day the story will be delivered by email to subscribers and will appear live on the web at dailysciencefiction.com.

August 1 "Anoither (alnost) True Story" by Tony Ballantyne

August 2 "Frog Soup" by Floris M. Kleijne

August 3 "Careers for Magical Creatures: Fairy Godchild Intake Form" by Sarina Dorie

August 8 "Captured in Color" by Rebecca Lang

August 9 "Like a Ghost I'm Gonna Haunt You" Curtis C. Chen

August 10 "Sleeping Problems" by Claran Parkes

August 11 "Sirens" by Lillith E. McDermott

August 12 "Crows" by Caw Miller

August 15 "Nine Songs" by Mari Ness

August 16 "My Son, the Shapeshifter" by Shane D. Rhinewald

August 17 "Careers for Magical Creatures: Memo to a Former Fairy Godmother" by Sarina Dorie

August 18 "A Historical Curiosity" by Tyler Young

August 19 "God State" by Michelle Ann King

August 22 "My Grandmother's Bones" by S.L. Huang

August 23 "Exquisite Corpse" by Caroline M. Yoachim

August 24 "The Flock" by Melissa Mead

August 25 "Symbionts" by Christian Monson

August 26 "Ex Angel" by Viara R. Mileva-Seitz

August 29 "The Day Poppo Came Down to Breakfast, Twice" by James Alan Gotaas

August 30 "Detailed Instructions on How to Break Hearts" by Pam L. Wallace

August 31 "Careers for Magical Creatures: Ten Ways to Keep Your Sucky Job as a Tooth Fairy" by Sarina Dorie

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