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Press Release
May 1st, 2013



Daily Science Fiction Stories for May, 2013.

We are pleased to announce our line up of stories for May. They will appear on the web one week after their email publication.

May 1 "Persephone at Arm's Length" by Bridget A. Natale

May 2 "Lyam" by jez patterson

May 3 "Things We Leave Behind" by Alex Shvartsman

May 6 "The Taking Tree" by Emily C. Skaftun

May 7 "Smaug, MD" by Andrew Kaye

May 8 "Puss" by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]

May 9 "Ichor" by Jess Hyslop

May 10 "The Princess and Her Tale" by Mari Ness

May 13 "Forgiving Dead" by Jeff Stehman

May 14 "The Troll (A Tale Told Collectively)" by Marissa Lingen

May 15 "Airship Hope" by Laurel Amberdine

May 16 "Puppet Man" by Cate Gardner

May 17 "The Last Tiger" by Joanne Anderton

May 20 "Private Memories" by Michael Haynes

May 21 "The Left Side of Your Lover's Broken Face" by Brynn MacNab

May 22 "A Little Sleep?" by Melissa Mead [Twisted Fairy Tales]

May 23 "Nitpick" by K.S. O'Neill

May 24 "An Exodus of Wings" by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam

May 27 "The Bargain" by Henry Szabranski

May 28 "The Wheel of Fortune" by Alexander Lumans

May 29 "Jumbo Gumdrop Serenade" by Catherine E. Tobler

May 30 "Ghosts in the Walls" by Shannon Peavey

May 31 "The Suit" by Robert Reed

For more information: http://www.dailysciencefiction.com

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