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Press Release
April 1st, 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jonathan Laden



Daily Science Fiction Stories for April, 2018.

Earth — April 1, 2018— We are pleased to announce our line up of stories for April. The dates show the day the story will be delivered by email to subscribers and will appear live on the web at dailysciencefiction.com.

April 2 "Fantasy Nights" by Mary Soon Lee

April 3 "Shuffle Duffle Muzzle Muff" by Matthew Amati

April 4 "The Spirited Stagehand" [Cara Watt, P.I.] by A. C. Spahn

April 5 "Time Zone" by Kevin J. Anderson

April 6 "A Villain Turns Mad" by James Beamon

April 9 "The Cool Kids" by Elly Bangs

April 10 "Closing Time" by Stacey Danielle Leper

April 11 "The Lazy Lookalike" [Cara Watt, P.I.] by A. C. Spahn

April 12 "Requiem" by Garry Dean

April 13 "Since We've No Place to Go" by Ken Brady

April 16 "Strange Loop" by S. DeFreitas Timmons

April 17 "Mindstream" by Jermaine Henry

April 18 "The Swindled Selkie" [Cara Watt, P.I.] by A. C. Spahn

April 19 "The Next Move" by John Cooper Hamilton

April 20 "The Paper Dragon" by Stephen S. Power

April 23 "Playmates" by Rich Larson

April 24 "A Little Off the Top" by Mark "Crafty" Crofton

April 25 "The Stylish Sphinx" [Cara Watt, P.I.] by A. C. Spahn

April 26 "The Farewell" by Anela Deen

April 27 "The CAT that Killed Curiosity" by Gretchen Tessmer

April 28 "The DSF Rejection Ceremony" by Benjamin J. Sonnek

For more information: http://www.dailysciencefiction.com or

Contact: info@dailysciencefiction.com

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